Katinka Dániel Day

Katinka Dániel Day was created to honor our founder and the quality education we bring to our youth. The Kodály Association of Southern California (KASC) was founded by Katinka Dániel who adapted the Kodaly Method for the United States by compiling folk songs of the people and developing an extensive ready-to-use curriculum for primary grades. Through this day, we honor our mentors that moved mountains of music into the hearts of teachers and students who benefit from the Kodály Method. Making music education accessible to students young and old will bring communities together and foster a more understanding world. Music can fuel happy & healthy hearts!

“Music is nourishment and a comforting elixir. Music multiplies the beauty of life and all its values.”

–Zoltan Kodály

Please join us in celebrating the power of music education as we use this opportunity to strengthen our community of music educators. All members, affiliates, and past/current/future board members are invited to attend this special event.

Email kascmail@gmail.com if you would like more details regarding this annual event.

Memories from a long-time KASC board member, Marilyn Sousa:

“For many years, our beloved KASC founder, Katinka Scipiades Daniel, held an Open House for all KASC members in her beautiful Santa Barbara home. It was held in late May, and was always a highlight of our year.  In addition to an always delicious luncheon, we had our Installation of Officers.
In the earlier days, Katinka prepared Hungarian Goulash for us, or Hungarian chicken.  There was always some form of entertainment.  One year, it was a short piano concert by one of her most talented adult students.  Another time, Chinese food was served, and several of her young Chinese students played for us. Another year, Calicanto introduced us to their book on California history, “They Came Singing”, then a work-in-progress. A favorite was the year WE were the entertainment……. all forming a huge circle on Katinka’s beautiful patio with the Pacific Ocean in the distance.  Katinka had also invited some of her Hungarian good friends, including the man who built the first moon rover.  We sang and did Play Party singing games.  Kathy Hickey’s then 1-or-2 year old grandchild, Bailey, conducted us!
Now that Katinka is no longer with us, we honor her memory each year by carrying on the Open House tradition, alternating between Kathy Hickey’s home in Cherry Valley, and Marilyn Sousa’s home in Ontario.”