Pre-Certification Level I

An introduction to Kodály Sequential Music Education philosophy and pedagogy. The first level of Kodály Music Education philosophy and pedagogy is designed for teachers with beginning music students of any age or grade level. Course is designed for music teachers, choir directors, music education majors, and classroom teachers with a music background.

PEDAGOGY I emphasizes the sequential teaching of musical elements and techniques of preparing, presenting, and practicing musical concepts and skills using folk song materials for grades pre K through 2. Course includes teaching the older beginner basic music concepts with age-appropriate materials. Students will gain experience in developing lessons that contain activities such as singing, listening, moving, creating, and reading and writing music. Sequential lesson plans are developed.

MUSICIANSHIP I is designed to increase the teacher’s musicianship skills and includes an introduction to and familiarity with the pentatonic scale system (using moveable do) through ear training, sightsinging, music dictation, interval study and arranging simple folk songs.

CHORAL EXPERIENCE enhances individual musicianship skills through singing in the CHORAL ENSEMBLE and CONDUCTING challenging repertoire appropriate for different levels of choirs in school, religious, and community-based settings. Students of all levels participate in daily rehearsals and conducting activities.

FOLK SONG RESEARCH I encompasses a survey of multicultural folk songs, emphasizing Native American, Hispanic, Asian, and African-American music. Basic techniques of Standard Analysis used by ethnomusicologists are learned. Each student prepares a basic collection of twenty multicultural songs with Standard Analysis. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Level I Pedagogy and Musicianship. Offered in summer for seven days, four hours daily; other academic year schedules. To be taken separately from core-pre-certification level courses (Pedagogy/Musicianship/Choral Experience).

COURSELOAD: Kodály pre-certification courses are notable for the intensity and density of materials and pedagogy presented. Course requirements include practice of solfege skills with sightsinging, unison and multipart exercises, ear training, dictation, arranging of folk songs, composition of canons, development of sequential lesson plans, peer teaching of music elements and materials, practice of choral repertoire, score preparation and study.

MATERIALS: May vary depending on instructor. Look for updated lists in our Certification Course Folder.