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Summer 2015 Program


JULY 6-24, 2015

Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA

Nationally-endorsed Kodály Certification*

Founded by Katinka S. Dániel (1913-2010)


Levels I, II, III*

Pre-certification core: Pedagogy, Musicianship,

Choral Experience, Folk Song Research I, II, III (if requested)


Special Topics Courses

Choral Musicianship

Designed for choral conductors who want to learn Kodály choral approach

and solfege skills without classroom certification; 4 hours daily, 3 weeks 

One-week courses


Teaching Musicianship Skills

Designed for high school/college teachers of AP theory or

music fundamentals courses; 3 hours daily, 2nd week

Music Making for Children

Designed for Pre-school, primary Elementary classroom

teachers and church musicians; 3 hours daily, first week


American and Hungarian faculty:

László Cser, Niké St. Clair, Marilyn Sousa, Dr. Kathy Hickey, Diane Geller, April Johnson

*Each level is 3 weeks; Certification granted after 3 summers plus academic year, or 4 summers and completion of all coursework. Choral Experience course includes Ensemble and Conducting.

Contact: kasccertification@gmail.com


Not convinced yet? Come check out the first day of class as our guest!

You may also audit any of the classes you have completed before if you are looking for a refresher.


Scholarship applicants must:

  1. be a current member of OAKE
  2. be currently teaching music (preferred, but not necessary).
  3. be a Music or Music Education major graduate.  Undergraduate students may be considered.
  4. submit a letter of recommendation from a principal, music advisor, supervisor, or professor.
  5. pay the tuition balance at registration.  It is further expected that the recipient will fulfill all course requirements on time or forfeit the scholarship.  In that event, scholarship funds must be returned to the KASC Scholarship Fund.
  6. Scholarship recipient is not eligible for early registration discount.
  7. Applications due in May.