The Kodály Association of Southern California (KASC) was established in 1980 by Katinka Scipiades Daniel. Mrs. Daniel, a charter member of the International Kodály Society, developed the curriculum of the Kodály Method for the United States, which was personally approved by Jenö Adám and Zoltán Kodály. Throughout her years of teaching in North America, Mrs. Daniel authored many books, produced several videos, and was the recipient of many awards. Many of her former students have achieved positions of prominence throughout the country: Sr. Lorna Zemke, Lois Choksy, Dr. John Feierabend, Dr. Joy Nelson, and Dr. Katherine Hickey.

Among the countless achievements of KASC over the past twenty years, some highlights include the establishment of a formal Kodály Certification Program in 1980, endorsed by OAKE, the 1983 Kodály Festival in celebration of Kodály’s Centennial, the 1987 National OAKE Conference, and the Annual Spring Choral Festival, which began in 1986. More recently, KASC hosted the 2016 National OAKE conference in Long Beach, CA.

It is our mission to train, encourage, and inspire educators to higher levels of excellence and further music education through the implementation or adaption of the Kodály philosophy.

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